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Anchor of Hope Rebranding


The “Justice40 Green Jobs Network” is a new environmental justice initiative launched by Anchor of Hope International Ministries.  We will continue to focus on advocating for faith-based reentry programs as we have done over the past 15 years, Anchor of Hope is extending our reach to serve disadvantaged communities through an equity lens. The Justice40 Green Jobs Network will facilitate community-driven solutions to expand access to and ownership of solar energy, green careers, workforce development, and clean energy technologies for veterans, justice-impacted individuals, and under-resourced neighborhoods. By coordinating stakeholders to provide training, funding, and resources, the initiative aims to empower residents with the tools to equitably transition to renewable energy, create sustainable jobs, and improve local climate resilience. This rebranding center environmental justice and ensures historically marginalized communities can fully participate in and benefit from the transition to a green economy.


Mission: The Justice40 Network coordinates stakeholders to expand career opportunities for justice-impacted individuals in Los Angeles County's clean energy sector. Leveraging Anchor of Hope's Opportunity Works program, we provide job readiness training and placement through employer-driven pathways. Our partnerships drive system changes for better inclusion, while our advocacy empowers communities to equitably access and own the benefits of local energy innovation.


Thriving communities where all people can attain quality jobs and equitable wealth creation through the renewable energy economy.

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