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Anchor of Hope Criminal Justice Courage Campaign Pastoral Advisory has partnered with Sabio  to provide free entrepreneurial training in the Tech Industry for returning citizens. 


Sabio, in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles, is running the Reboot LA Tech Incubator to help returning citizens launch tech-enabled consulting businesses.   Our program is free for anyone with an address in the City of LA and some type of criminal record.  In addition to the program participation, we may have funds in the coming months to provide program participants with laptops, and a monthly housing stipend.


Also, Reboot LA Tech Incubator is offering a Free Intro to Web Development Certification open to everyone, in any zip code, as part of our initiative to increase diversity 

Requirement:  You Must Live in the City of Los Angeles and is a returning citizen.


If are interested in participating in Reboot LA Tech Incubator; please sign-up in the link below:


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