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Our Work Readiness Programs are structured & designed in such a way that only those who are serious about seeking work and changing their lifestyle can benefit from it.



Grateful2Work is an Anchor of Hope Re-Entry Ministry Work Readiness Pipeline Program. The program utilizes recognized and established best practice standards focusing on the essential skills, qualities and behaviors needed for work readiness.

Grateful2Work Business Network


Grateful2Work Christian Business Network was created to further the Kingdom and reach the broken through the mentoring and coaching of young and adult job seekers.

Reentry Case Management Training


A case management training for non-professionally trained staff providing reentry case management services and prison ministry. Emphasis is placed on practical knowledge and application.

Other Services


Case Management & Follow Up

"Coming Home" Small Support Groups

Employment Training Referral

Supportive Services Referral

On-The-Job Training Referral

Housing Referral

Mental Health Referral

Life Skills

Interview Clothing

Family Support

Rites of Passage


Mentoring Training

BEST - Entrepreneurial Training

Transitional Subsidized

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